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Better Times and Better Health

Updated: Jun 27, 2022


We have been 100% whole food plant based (WFPB) for a year now. While it has been an adjustment with regards to cooking and eating out, it has definitely improved our overall eating habits and health. I didn't really realize how few fruits and vegetables we were actually eating until that became the basis of our diet. I have found that I like foods I didn't think I previously liked. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Brussels sprouts).
The plant-based substitutes are something we try not to use often, since they are processed foods, but when we do, they really are good. We really don't miss any foods at all. I have a wicked sweet tooth, and I have found WFPB baked goods to be just as good as "regular" ones, and we really can't tell the difference.
Eating out has been a little more of a challenge, so we eat out less. But, I'm not really sure that's a negative! We are avid hikers, so we have just adjusted what we take with us on the trail, and we feel great while we are hiking. In addition, we can hike an 18-mile day and not feel sore the next day! Overall, I feel better and my body recovers faster from the physical activity I do. I am WFPB for life.


I have been vegan for a year. Peggy helped me see the vast improvements the WFPB lifestyle can bring. The biggest difference for me has been in athletic performance. Since being vegan I have set personal records in my 5k running time by two minutes, my 10k time by eight minutes and my half marathon time by ten minutes. I also experience substantially less soreness and muscle aches following my races.
I have also seen a drop in my blood cholesterol levels. I am thankful to Peggy for her support in sharing with me resources in becoming healthier and improving at my sport.
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