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Knowing Your “WHY”

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Whether we think about it or not, when we make a life change - we have a reason for doing it. This is our “WHY”.

  • When we make a drastic lifestyle change, our “Why” is essential for success. It can’t be just any old “WHY”. It has to be a reason that makes a profound difference to us. It has to be a "WHY" that will make you cry.


  • To look good by summer (Not a good “WHY”)

  • To live healthy to be here for my grandchildren (A great “WHY”).

In regard to changing from the Standard American Diet to a plant based diet, to be successful in the long run, a strong “WHY” inside you is key to hanging in there.


  • People won’t understand the change you’ve made.

  • Friends may take it personally when you bring your own food.

  • Eating out isn’t as easy as it used to be.

  • Other family members may not join you in eating plant based.

  • It may take longer than you’d like to change completely to plant based.

So, why is it even worth it?

  • You feel so much better!

  • No more constipation.

  • No more heartburn.

  • Better bloodwork results

  • Less risk of serious diseases

  • Possible reversing of diseases

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I really want to change?

  • If so, what are some reasons why?

  • Is one of my reasons strong enough to be my “WHY”?

  • Can I make this “WHY” a part of my thoughts?

  • Am I willing to embrace my “WHY” when I want to quit?

  • Will I find a friend who understands my “WHY” and reach out to him/her when I’m feeling weak?

End Result of Having a Strong “WHY”

  • I’ve learned plant based food is yummy,

  • Cooking plant based has become natural to me.

  • I have a wealth of great recipes for any occasion.

  • I’ve experienced much better health.

  • I feel like doing more than I did before.

  • I can now help others live a healthier life!

So, what is your "WHY" that would make you cry?

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1 Comment

David Sinclair
David Sinclair
May 13, 2022

So helpful! Thank you!

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